Gallery 2000 Chicago artist Yucel Donmez took part in Prime Time by WGN television during his mini exhibition and his 12-day performances at The Art Institute of Chicago Junior Museum in July 1987 and was given the title of Chicago's Very Own.



Yucel Donmez is a multi-disciplinary artist. He is among the most interesting artists of the 21st century with his original canvas, under glass paintings, protest works, digital-collage works, Land Art projects and being the first artist in the world to paint on snow. Donmez, who has a place in world art history with his 53-year art background, is also known as Chicago's unique artist. 

About Yucel Donmez

Yucel Donmez is one of the most interesting artists of the 21st Century. 


In the summer of the art critic named Arthur Connell, Yucel Donmez's original works in today's art show surprised the art lovers, while the artist also included the Snow picture in Chicago next to The Art Institute of Chicago museum. Yucel Donmez is shown as the first artist to paint on snow in world art history researches. Donmez's conceptual artwork is also interesting in the article, Yucel Donmez 's original technique brought to the art of painting is also mentioned. Yucel Donmez took the attention of the famous Turkish art philosopher Professor İsmail Tunalı as the most interesting artist in his books as well as foreign critics with his interesting works he has done so far. In Prof. Ismail Tunalı's Design Philosophy and Ismail Tunalı books, the art of Yucel Donmez is mentioned with praise. Turkey does not start yet could not be understood as addressing the needs of
contemporary art Yucel said. '' Contemporary art has not been made by reconsidering the work done in America years ago. In addition, individuals and companies who invest in art and sponsorship, giving the chance to represent themselves in the arts to third parties, they're prevented from entering the ability to contemporary art from Turkey. Because some curators of so-called art, which have the opportunity to their hands, are able to ignore our artists who are able to present truly talented and real contemporary art by discrimination. Until now, I can not live in my country because of the criticism of foreign critics, and I think that discrimination and the money laundering and manipulations that are taking place in the field of art in our country are effective.